Here is to the commuters of the world


Needless to say it has been long since I wrote anything. Although a lot happened during this absence from written world, I remained the quintessential me; loosing rhythm after starting something good. Maybe I am one of those people who require constant inspiration to keep themselves going. It is not a good place to be in really. Because usually nothing monumental happens in your day to day life. So if you keep relying on finding that moment of inspiration to keep you going, there is no guarantee you will get it when you need to.

But then there are days when you do find that incredible moment when lost in your mundane routine, you observe something that inspires you enough to move and do that thing you always knew you wanted to do. And what could be more inspiring than watching the Sun rise? It’s amazing how something so eternally regular can be so moving to make you do that irregular, out-of-comfort-zone thing. I watched it or rather observed it just the other day on my daily commute. There it was, the giant golden ball of life, rising above the misty autumn fields, hitting me in the face and filling the entire compartment with golden rays. It was amazing to realize that I could find such beauty in an hour and a half long train journey that I take twice everyday. When I first took it. everyone thought I was made to commit to such a long travel time everyday. While they still feel the same, I on the other hand have come to like it. Yes, there. I said it. I spend a total of just over 3 hours commuting to and from my work every day and I don’t mind it. It’s not that I am a slacker who would rather spend time in transit than doing anything else. Nor is it that I hate my home or my husband. I love being home and I couldn’t love my husband any more than I already do. I am a normal person with normal likes and dislikes and yet I do not hate my commute.

Probably because that is the only way I could have endured something that demanding on a daily basis. Someone once told me, if there is something you can change, do it. And if there is something you can’t change, then change your attitude. In my case, I didn’t have to do all that much to change my attitude towards commuting. I wake up sharp at 6AM every day to make my train at 7.04 AM. I usually reach office around 9AM. I do not really have much flexibility in my morning schedule and even a 5 minute delay in waking up could mean me missing my train and being at least 30 mins behind my usual time. But again, it is not very hard to move things around to support my tight morning routine. I started showering before bed to save time in the morning. I have made it a point to have my outfit laid out the night before so I don’t get lost standing half asleep in front of my wardrobe. My husband wakes up at 6.30 to help me with breakfast and see me out of the door by 6.45. I love my 13 minutes long walk to the station in the quiet, cool morning, fully awake and listening to whatever I like on Spotify. Like anyone else, the train ride can be full with minor annoyances every now and then. Like someone sitting on my favorite seat or people talking loudly or ticket checker appearing precisely when I am falling into my restful nap. But then there is also something comforting about seeing those similar faces every day and realizing that you are not the only one mad enough to do it every day. Also, what sensible women is going to complain if she gets to take as long as she wants to apply her makeup everyday!

Returning back is more of the same. It sucks having to take the non-express train sometimes when I have to stay late at work. I hate it. Also, the result of having a longer commute is that even a 5 minutes extra wait on the train feels like too much to deal with. But then quite often I meet my husband at station and we walk back home together. We catch-up, talk about our days and that is a nice feeling.

But above all else, what makes my commute bearable, almost beautiful is the ME time. That hour and a half is mine to do whatever I wish with it. I read, listen to music, watch my favorite shows, think, sleep, make important calls, plan, reflect or gaze into nothing during that time. And I am perfectly relaxed doing any of those things. I have cut my TV time at home because I don’t feel the need for it anymore. I have discovered new dinner recipes so I don’t spend too long in the kitchen. My life is so much more organized, my week goes quickly and I am functioning at the highest capacity.

I know I won’t be doing this for ever, nor do I want to. But for now, I have to do it and I am enjoying it.


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  1. Great post, I’m sure that “ME” time is gives you a lot of opportunity. It is just what people make out of that time!

    Of course Delhi metro is a different ball game. 😁😁

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  2. Fatima Fernandes October 26, 2016 — 8:46 am

    I love your post and how you captured things which make a huge difference to the overall. It resonates so much and how much I look forward to my train time each way. Certainly, the train time gives an excuse allowing one to balance one otherwise unbalance life.


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